O Mediacentru - Saopštenja

Paul Cristian Radu, Romanian investigative reporter, taught in NetNovinar’s educational program Stories on the Theme of Organized Crime (8-11 May, 2007, Mediacentar Sarajevo). We talked to Radu about the challenges of investigative reporting, the importance of databases in investigations, and the characteristics of a good investigative story.
Awards of the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia given to two participants in a NetNovinar Training Center investigative reporting program for exceptional contribution to investigative reporting and three stories carried on the front pages of regional newspapers are just some of the successes of the program, which continues successfully in 2007.
A participant in the education program “Investigative Journalism and Organized Crime” of the NetNovinar Training Center, Branislav Grković, received an investigative journalism award from the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia for a story produced in the framework of the program. Last year, a story by Đorđe Padejski, also written during the program, received the same award.
We invite everyone interested to socialize and discuss the concept of “citizen journalism” with Lauren Hertel, expert in new media technologies and lecturer at the University of Florida. The lecture will be held at Mediacentar Sarajevo on May 7, 2007 from 18.00 to 20.00. Translation into B/C/S is provided. Final date for confirming participation: May 1, 2007.
Six editors of B-H media attended the first workshop of the educational program “Analytical Reporting – Justice and Security in B-H,” held on 4-5 April 2007 at Mediacentar Sarajevo. The program is funded by the Embassy of Great Britain in B-H in the framework of the program Global Conflict Prevention Fund and implemented by NetNovinar Training Center.