O Mediacentru - Saopštenja

In the second workshop of the program “Investigative Reporting: Stories on the Theme of Organized Crime,” journalists from B-H, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo, in consultation with trainers, will work on investigative stories in the area of organized crime. The workshop will be held on 8-11 May 2007 at Mediacentar Sarajevo.
B-H journalists are attending a workshop entitled “Human Trafficking: Prevention and Protection in B-H.” They will write investigative stories in the area of human trafficking on topics of their choice. The workshop is held at Mediacentar Sarajevo on 22-24 April 2007.
In the framework of the VEZZA project, managers, owners and directors of local radio stations from B-H started writing marketing plans for their respective media outlets in a workshop held at Mediacentar Sarajevo on 29 May – 1 June 2007.
In the introductory workshop of the program “Analytical Reporting – Justice and Security in B-H” (3-5 July 2007, Mediacentar Sarajevo), BiH journalists in the second generation of the program chose topics for stories in the area of justice and security that they will write during three-and-a-half-month education.
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