O Mediacentru - Saopštenja

Journalists and producers from Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina are very pleased to have learned from Pjer Žalica and acquired skills which they can apply in future work and in launching independent projects.
Eleven journalists from B&H media outlets learned about a way of searching for information, Request for Access to Information, and used all database search tools and engines.
The second workshop of the “Investigative Journalism Program: Stories on Organized Crime Issues” will cover investigative journalism ethics and database search. Workshop participants will work extensively on investigative stories. The workshop will be held on 5-8 December at Mediacentar Sarajevo. Journalists from B&H, Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro will attend.
The aim of the roundtable is to acquaint journalists with the three-year Program on Introduction of International Standards and Regulations, which will be a burning issue in B&H for export oriented companies. The roundtable is designed for journalists from B&H print and broadcast media. The roundtable is organized by the International Finance Corporation (IFC).
The training participants will be acquainted with the basic elements of the Law on Freedom of Access to Information. Through a number of practical exercises, participants will be trained to fill out a request for access to information on their own and to submit it to the right institution. The training program covers the most important characteristics of online search engines and use of electronic resources for better coverage of issues for news stories. The training is designed for journalists of Bosnian-Herzegovinian print and broadcast media, partners of USAID Media.