O Mediacentru - Saopštenja

We invite journalists from Bosnian-Herzegovinian media to socialize and talk to the journalist Dominic Medley who recently returned from Afghanistan, about his work experience in Afghanistan. The meeting “Media Talks and Questions: Five Years in Afghanistan” will be held on Thursday, 22 February, from 13.00 to 15.00, at Mediacentar Sarajevo. The working language is English. The final date by which you should confirm your participation is Wednesday, 21 February.
Eleven journalists from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and from Kosovo in the first workshop of the fifth generation of the Investigative Reporting Program: Stories on Organized Crime Issues, started working on stories which they will investigate over the next five months. The workshop was held on 5-9 February 2007 at Mediacentar Sarajevo.
The first workshop will kick off the fifth cycle of the five-month program on ‘Investigative Reporting: Stories on Organized Crime Issues.’ Eleven journalists from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia are participating in the program. The workshop will be held on 5-9 February 2007 at Mediacentar Sarajevo.
If you would like to learn about the column and writing skills from the most prominent Jutarnji list columnist, winner of the 2005 “Journalist of the Year” award of the Croatian Journalists’ Association, apply for Sanja Modrić’s master workshop: A column. Working language of the workshop is B/C/S. Application deadline is Thursday, 8 February 2007.
Aleksandar Hemon’s workshop “Writing for the Public – Literature and Journalism” is the first workshop that Hemon held in Bosnia-Herzegovina. He is presently living in Paris and writing a new book. You can read an interview with Aleksandar Hemon below.