O Mediacentru - Saopštenja

Branislav Grković won a UNICEF award for reporting on children and children’s rights for an investigative story on the distribution of child pornography over the internet in Serbia. This is the second award for a story that was created during an educational program implemented by Mediacentar Sarajevo.
How to report on children and minors? What does the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child indicate and what are the ethical standards for reporting on children? Sign up for the workshop "(Non)Respect of Children’s Rights in the Media: Violence against Children and Education". Application deadline: 07.12.2007.
The second workshop for B-H editors in a unique and free program offering education about B-H judiciary and security will be held on 6-7 November at Mediacentar Sarajevo. All those interested in attending the workshop may send their applications by 29 October 2007.
During a workshop on “Business Reporting,” held on 17-21 September at Mediacentar Sarajevo, attendants became acquainted with current economic issues, as well as relevant terminology in the area of business reporting, which will help them cover B-H’s economic steps on the road to European integration.
An invitation for B-H journalists to apply for the third generation of the program “Analytical Reporting – Justice and Security” is open until 7 November 2007. Interested journalists may apply for this unique free program which offers specialization in the area of legal and security issues is B-H.