O Mediacentru - Saopštenja

The training course 'Editorial ethics for online journalists' will be held at the Mediacentar Sarajevo from 24 to 28 April 2006. At the end of the course participants are expected to compile the first Internet Ethics Guidelines for journalists, which shall be presented to the South-East Europe media community. 12 representatives from the SEE media organisations have been selected to take part in the course.
In the course of this highly interactive course to be held at Mediacentar Sarajevo, 24 -28 April 2006, 12 editors and journalists from the region of South East Europe will examine the existing practice of online journalism ethics in order to come up with recommendations for the region. The course will enable them to join the international debate on this issue and initiate a debate in their own countries and the SEE region. Applications deadline is 1 April 2006.
The first journalists training session as part of the new phase of the VEZZA project was held from 8 to 10 March in the Mediacentar Sarajevo. Journalists from 9 BiH radio stations involved in the VEZZA project took part in the training, organised by the Centre for investigative reporting and media education of the Mediacentar Sarajevo.
The round table ‘War crimes and the media: the possibility of establishing trust' was held in the Mediacentar Sarajevo on 27 and 28 February. The participants included prominent individuals from the media and non-governmental sectors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia and Montenegro. The round table also included the BiH screening of the documentary about the destruction of Vukovar entitled 'Posljednji rez' (The Last Cut) and the presentation of the recently finalised report on the media coverage of war crimes trials in all three countries. The round table was organised by the Transitions Online (the Internet magazine for the area of 28 former Communist countries of South-Eastern Europe). This was the first of the three two-day events focusing on war crimes and the media that the Transitions Online have planned for this year.