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Call for applications: Training course 'Editorial ethics for online journalists'

«EDITORIAL ETHICS FOR ONLINE JOURNALISTS»5-Day Training Course for Editors and Journalists of Online Media

Time: 24-28 April 2006Place: Sarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaVenue: Mediacentar Sarajevo, Kolodvorska 3 (www.media.ba)Applications due: 1st April, 2006Eligible applicants: Editors and journalists of online media based in SEENPM-member countriesWorking language: English

'Editorial ethics for online journalists'  is the titile of the training course which will be held in the Mediacentar Sarajevo in the period from 24th to 28th Aprill 2006, targeting editors and journalists of the online media from the SEENPM member countries. (South East European Network for Professionalisation of the Media)

The project aims to train the participants in the best practices in the field of journalistic internet ethics in developed countries so that they can identify the problems they encounter in their work and tackle these within the first framework of journalistic internet ethics guidelines in their countries and the SEE.

This will provide the participants with knowledge and skills that will enable them to take part in the development of the internet ethics standards in their respective media, countries and in the region as well as to take part in the ongoing international discourse about this issue so as to initiate it in their respective countries and in the SEE region.

The objective of the training is to prepare ground for the introduction of journalistic ethical standards in SEE online media. One of the very important objectives is to challenge the accepted best practice and come up with their own solutions based on regional sensitivities and the rapidly changing media landscape.

Target groups:

• Duty editors, news editors and journalists from the online news media which are online editions of the print or the electronic media or are web-specific, such as news web portals.

The 12 participants will come from the following SEENPM countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Kosovo, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia. In case there are no applicants from a particular country, more than one participant from another country can be accepted to the course.

Trainer: Course leader is David Brewer, an international expert in the field of online journalism, online media management, journalism ethics and internet ethics.

Mr Brewer was the regional political editor for the BBC from 1992 to 1997 in charge of a team of 25 correspondents covering UK and European politics from Westminster, Brussels and Strasbourg. From 1997 to 2000, he was the managing editor of the BBC News Online and part of the team responsible for launching the award-winning site.

He lectures at the University of Westminster (MA Journalism for International Students) and continues to write about the issues faced by the independent media in transition states.


• high interaction with participants encouraged to challenge the accepted best practice in order for them come up with their own solutions based on regional sensitivities and the rapidly changing media landscape.
• At the end of the course participants will compile the first Internet Ethics guidelines for journalists working in South East Europe that can be a basis for a regional debate. The guidelines will be presented to the SEE media community via the NetNovinar.org web portal for journalists and promoted through its e-newsletter and other channels of communication at its disposal, thus reaching thousands of SEE media professionals.
The course will focus on the following thematic modules:
• Examining editorial ethics• Testing editorial ethics• The online challenges for journalistic ethics• Who needs journalistic ethics• Creating the Online Ethics for SEE

For detailed description of activities during the 5-day course, please click here.

Accommodation, transport, catering and refreshment are covered by the organizer.

Applications for training should contain:
1. Short CV of candidate with his/her contact information2. Name, web address and contact information of the candidate’s organisation

Contacts for applications and further information in:

Albania: ALBANIAN MEDIA INSTITUTE, Tiranadkalaja@institutemedia.org

Bosnia and Herzegovina: MEDIACENTAR SARAJEVO, Sarajevo:masa@media.ba; MEDIA PLAN INSTITUTE, Sarajevomrkic.b@mediaplan.ba

Croatia:THE INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR EDUCATION OF JOURNALISTS, Zagrebmklanac@hnd.hrlsobotincic@hnd.hr

Hungary:CENTER FOR INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM, Budapestilona.moricz@cij.hu

Macedonia:MACEDONIAN INSTITUTE FOR MEDIA, Skopjemihajlo@mim.org.mk; SEARCH FOR COMMON GROUND, SKOPJEibrahim@sfcg.org.mk

Moldavia:INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM CENTER, Chisinaunangheli@ijc.md

Romania:CENTER FOR INDEPENDENT JOURNALISM, Bucharestmihaela@cji.ro

Serbia & Montenegro:ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT ELETRONIC MEDIA, Belgrademarija.drndic@anem.org.yu; MEDIA CENTER, Belgrademiletic@mediacenter.org.yu; MEDIA CENTER, Nisdstojanovic@mcnis.org.yu; MONTENEGRO MEDIA INSTITUTE, Podgoricapajevic@mminstitute.org; NOVI SAD SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM, Novi Sadbela@novinarska-skola.org.yu

Slovenia: PEACE INSTITUTE, Ljubljanabrankica.petkovic@mirovni-institut.si

This course is organised as part of the activities of the SEENPM network (www.seenpm.org)