Attacks on Journalists: How to Become a “Traitor of Your People”

The pattern: first, the government targets you; then come attacks on social media.

Korisnički sadržaj kao potencijal za pokretanje krivičnih procesa

Providing and Managing Digital Evidence

Science journalism: A remedy for lack of reliable, trustworthy information in the media?

The importance of science journalism has been increasingly obvious during the pandemic. We talked to Milica Momčilović, president of the World Federation of Science Journalists, about the status of science journalism today.

Tackling Hate Speech – Examples from Slovenia

Hate speech has permeated all media platforms and the issue of tackling it is complex. We talked about challenges of hate speech in the media with Urska Valentic of ‘Spletno oko’, an organization in Slovenia that runs a hotline to reduce the presence of child sexual abuse images and hate speech online.

Jelena Riznic interview ENG

Interview with sociologist and member of the Serbian female collective "Female solidarity".