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Tackling Health Disinformation Through Education on Scientific Consensus

Fighting a Flood of Disinformation in the Western Balkans

To reduce the impact of disinformation, civil society organizations across the region work to strengthen media literacy among old and young.

Dodikovi prijedlozi zakona: Ko pisne, u zatvor!

These changes would further threaten the freedom of expression in the RS.

Junk Folder - film o „smeću interneta“

This documentary shows how harmful, fabricated content is limitless.

Zapadni Balkan se mora ujediniti u borbi protiv štetnog sadržaja na internetu

Participants discussed possible approaches to regulation of content.

Lažne vijesti i spinovanje na političkoj sceni

Scandal politics is the dominant approach to political communication.

‘Scandalous’ headlines a source of profit for unprofessional portals

It is important to distinguish anonymous portals from professional media.

Samoregulacija online medija u BiH: Dezinformacije, anonimni portali i govor mržnje

The self-regulation system in BiH remains inefficient.

Mediji u očima srednjoškolaca

The majority of high schoolers are aware that the media sometimes fabricate content to increase popularity, research shows.

Copy-paste: Na portalima o ljudskim pravima površno

The goal of the monitoring was to analyse trends and adherence to professional standards in reports, especially those related to human rights issues, focusing on content related to migrants and the LGBT population.


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