Magazin: Investigative journalism

Mark Brayne, Director of Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma Europe, and psychotherapist, spoke to NetNovinar about professional reporting on trauma and about ways for journalists to protect themselves in such situations.

As people increasingly socialise on the internet, no journalist can discount virtual communities as a source.Written by Selma Milovanovic

Branislav Grković, participant in the “Investigative Reporting Program: Stories on the Theme of Organized Crime,” discovered that laws in Serbia do not treat possession of child pornography as a crime.

A participant in the education program “Investigative Journalism and Organized Crime”, who won an investigative journalism award for a story done during the program, describes the long and frustrating road that resulted in a good story and recognition by the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia (NUNS).

Cyprus and several other states allow companies' founders to do their business through representatives without too many questions asked, and thus hide their identity from the public and investigative reporters. How can we overcome this hurdle in the quest for the origin of dirty money?