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Media Innovation Means Permanent Questioning of Own Position

To understand media innovation we have to understand what concepts and ideas of communication in societies and plans for media businesses are behind doing something new with media and technology, says media expert Andy Kaltenbrunner.

Resursni centar: Platforma za razmjenu sadržaja o slobodi medija

In order to ease spreading of useful information and contents on media freedoms in Europe, Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso and European Centre for Journalists and Media Freedom, developed a new online platform - the Resource Centre.

Hostwriter: Umrežavanjem do jačih istraživačkih priča

Connecting journalists from the Balkans and their colleagues from Europe.

Genetski modificirani mediji

The Speak Up conference in Brussels once again cautioned about the dramatic difficulties faced by media in the West Balkans and Turkey.

places exhibition

Interview with Alba Zari and Sharon Ritossa, authors of the photo exhibition "Places", focusing on media impact of IS.