media literacy

Važnost debate za medijsku, informacijsku i političku pismenost

Debate is a necessary exercise for any future engagement of active and responsible citizens in a democratic society.

Debatni Kamp u Tešnju: Kroz debate mladi uče o medijima i regulaciji sadržaja na internetu
The Guardian Foundation: How we develop media literacy programmes for young people

Interview with Kelly Walls and Margaret Holborn of The Guardian Foundation.

‘Scandalous’ headlines a source of profit for unprofessional portals

It is important to distinguish anonymous portals from professional media.

Samoregulacija online medija u BiH: Dezinformacije, anonimni portali i govor mržnje

The self-regulation system in BiH remains inefficient.

Mediji u očima srednjoškolaca

The majority of high schoolers are aware that the media sometimes fabricate content to increase popularity, research shows.

The seductive world of YouTube frivolity

What tabloid gutter press was for older generations, YouTube is nowadays for the younger generations.

Acquiring of media literacy should start at an early age

Media literacy is a trademark skill in development of future thinking citizens.

Media for Citizens – Citizens for Media: State of MIL and What is to be Done?

Seventy media and information literacy experts and journalists met in Novi Sad.

Seven media development organizations in the Western Balkans have joined forces under an EU funded project ’Media for Citizens – Citizens for Media’ to build capacities of CSOs to advance media and information literacy (MIL) in the region.


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