Dokumentarni film "Cijena istine" - potraga za pravdom

Life stories of journalists from Serbia following attacks and pressures.

Od ubistava do pritisaka - Bezbednost novinara, otvorena rana srpskog društva

Journalists in Serbia are under economic, political and institutional pressure.

Persiranje informacionoj bezbednosti

In the past eight years, around seventy attacks on media infrastructure were reported in Serbia.

Between bad working conditions and redundancy

The grim situation of Serbian media workers.

Major powers tailored Serbian media legislation for ‘Balkan CNN’

Media Observatory reveals how the European Commission enabled changes to the Serbian media laws, and the Serbian government unquestioningly conformed to it, paving the way for potential undermining of media pluralism in the country.

RT Vojvodina – a regional multilingual and multicultural public broadcaster or a public burden?
Citizens of Serbia have for long time been living with one paradox – they are not rich enough to properly manage waste, so it is easier to spend billions of dinars to remove illegal landfills.
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