Like many of the people who indirectly gain from one of Arizona Market’s traditional businesses, Gordana, owner of the aptly named Koridor restaurant, does not see any victims at her tables when the prostitutes from Eastern Europe totter in the door on high heels.
It is Sunday afternoon at the “Faraon” restaurant, a slightly more substantial wooden building than the rest of the 3,000 wooden kiosks that make up the Brcko District’s sprawling Arizona Market in northeast Bosnia. But just like the rest of them the Faraon has a parking lot for a toilet.

Here is the result of a new investigative project of the Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism (RCIJ): two articles about the exploatation of children trough work. This phenomenon was investigated in Romania and the Republic of Moldavia, and the articles were published in "Jurnalul National" (Bucharest, Romania) and "Flux" (Chisinau, R. Moldavia).