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Regional documentaries on media and journalism you must watch: What makes a good documentary? By: Mirza Ajnadžić  Film theoretician Bill Nichols wrote of six types of documentaries—poetic, expository, reflexive, observational, performative, and participat

Mirza Ajnadzic recommends documentaries that explore the work of journalists and the struggles they face.

Dokumentarni film "Cijena istine" - potraga za pravdom

Life stories of journalists from Serbia following attacks and pressures.

Milena Perović Korać

Interests of the Greek Businessman Petros Stathis in the Montenegrin Media.

The Invisible Businessman

How to investigate semi-legal business practices using only openly accessible data.

In an interview for MCOnline, Allan Little, BBC's famous reporter, talks about his experience of reporting from Sarajevo during war.

A journalist of the Australian The Age, one of the six media allowed by WikiLeaks to publish the leaked US cables, looks at the legal, political and journalistic angles of the ongoing affair.
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