hate speech

Bez kazni za negativne komentare na društvenim mrežama crnogorskih medija

In Montenegro there is no legal responsibility of media outlets for comments.

Zapadni Balkan se mora ujediniti u borbi protiv štetnog sadržaja na internetu

Participants discussed possible approaches to regulation of content.

Tackling Hate Speech – Examples from Slovenia

Hate speech has permeated all media platforms and the issue of tackling it is complex. We talked about challenges of hate speech in the media with Urska Valentic of ‘Spletno oko’, an organization in Slovenia that runs a hotline to reduce the presence of child sexual abuse images and hate speech online.

Transgeneracijski prijenos ratne traume kroz korisničke komentare

While many comments of online media users focus on war and war trauma, there aren’t that many media articles about war trauma and its transgenerational transfer.

Svijet po Trumpu

Jim Hicks, Executive Editor of the Massachusetts Review, on the similarities between the rhetoric of Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) in the '90s and that of Donald Trump today.

Kulturni kontekst i pravni okvir regulacije medija

It's a thin line between the right to freedom of speech and potential effects of hate speech.

Istorija upotrebe medija u izgradnji mira

How does media support peace and coexistence and counter the conflict narrative?

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