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Reporting Justice: A Handbook on Covering War Crimes Courts


Reporting Justice: A Handbook on Covering War Crimes Courts

This handbook is intended for journalists undertaking one of the most challenging, important and potentially rewarding of tasks: reporting on the trials of war crimes suspects or investigating war crimes on the ground. War crimes reporting, like any journalistic specialisation, makes its own demands and has its own rules. The historical background, procedures and law must be understood. The handbook is available online.

There are many reasons you may want to report on justice: you may have witnessed crimes being committed; you may feel your country or community has suffered war crimes; you may believe that your country or community has been engaged in war crimes and can only build a decent future by revealing and addressing past wrongs. Whatever drives you to report on justice, you need to have the tools to do it. That is what this handbook sets out to provide.

"Reporting Justice: A Handbook for Journalists" introduces you to the various kinds of courts in which war crimes are tried; gives an outline of the history of the courts; explains the body of international law under which the courts operate; details how war crimes trials work; and explores the actual process of reporting both in the courts and on the ground.

The handbook is available online in English only at: part 1, part 2