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Public Legal Education: Supporting Judiciary in B&H

Public Legal Education: Supporting Judiciary in B&H


Public Legal Education: Supporting Judiciary in B&H is project aimed at improving public understanding, confidence in and respect towards justice institutions in B&H through advocacy for sustainable, youth targeted, public legal education strategies and programs of the B&H judiciary.

Project is based on three activity lines: (1) advocacy within B&H judiciary for voluntary involvement of judges and prosecutors in PLE, (2) advocacy within B&H educational system for long term cooperation with judiciary representatives on delivery of PLE programs to B&H youth in primary and secondary schools, (3) support in coordination between B&H judiciary and B&H education institutions in implementation of PLE programs.  

Since December 2010, three project phases have been implemented resulting with direct engagement of over 50 judges and prosecutors from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina in development and implementation of youth targeted PLE programs and over 1000 reached children in primary and secondary schools who have trough guest lectures, workshops and mock trials improved their understanding and knowledge about the rule of law and B&H judiciary.

Public Legal Education is a B&H Justice Network project, implemented and coordinated by

Mediacentar Sarajevo and Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina.