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Slučaj femicida u Gradačcu ukazao na neefikasnost moderacije sadržaja na mrežama

The case of femicide that happened in Gradačac on 11th August showed the inefficiency of content moderation on social networks, especially in cases of live broadcasting.

Attacks on Journalists: How to Become a “Traitor of Your People”

The pattern: first, the government targets you; then come attacks on social media.

Jelena Riznic interview ENG

Interview with sociologist and member of the Serbian female collective "Female solidarity".

Line between moderation and censorship increasingly blurry

Freedom of speech on social media is subject to a complex system of governance. A great deal of public conversation is regulated by privately-owned corporations. We talked about this complex issue with Jillian C. York, Director for International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF),

The seductive world of YouTube frivolity

What tabloid gutter press was for older generations, YouTube is nowadays for the younger generations.

Novi mediji: snaga rata ili snaga mira

Can the new media and technologies also promote socially beneficial activities related to peace as they do so well with conflict ideology?

Director of Ethical Journalism Network, media expert and journalist talks about challenges journalism is facing in the digital era.

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