protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mogućnost novog događaja

The protests and the citizens’ assemblies are, at this time, the only way to keep the possibility of the emerging of a new political and social horizon in Bosnia-Herzegovina – open.

Proizvodnja i vježbanje mogućnosti

Protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina continue. Their message is clear—the time of the ethno-nationalist elites, who stole the country’s resources, common goods and capital in the blood of war and genocide, is over.

Ponekad je plenum samo plenum...

Marina Antić on the role of intellectuals in media moverage of Bosnian protests.

Bauk izgubljene budućnosti

“Dissatisfaction is like a monster, powerless when it is born, terrifying when it grows strong.” (Meša Selimović, Derviš i Smrt)

Strah od politike

Boro Kontić writes about the pervasive control that politics have over the media in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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