Bez kazni za negativne komentare na društvenim mrežama crnogorskih medija

In Montenegro there is no legal responsibility of media outlets for comments.

Milena Perović Korać

Interests of the Greek Businessman Petros Stathis in the Montenegrin Media.

It took the beach contractor only a few years to turn a local waste dump into one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro, waving the high eco-standard Blue Flag symbol for 7 years and running.
Not far from Cetinje, the Montenegrin capital celebrated in song, in Njeguši, the birthplace of Njegoš, there is quite the little paradise on earth – the Kadmi Ethnic Village.
It is going to take about a billion Euros over the next 25 years for Montenegro to solve its problems with water supply, construction of utility infrastructure and managing wastewater and waste.
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