media and war

In an interview for MCOnline, Allan Little, BBC's famous reporter, talks about his experience of reporting from Sarajevo during war.

Chris Keulemans, writer and cultural manager from Amsterdam remembers his visits to Sarajevo under siege.

Although foreign reporters did not succeed in making the world stop the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, they did produce enough evidentiary material for war criminals some day to be brought to justice. Zrinka Bralo writes about reporting from wartime Sarajevo.

Working as a Youth Program journalist when war broke out, Zoran Stevanović describes his experience as a war reporter.
Tihomir Loza, political commentator, journalist of wartime Oslobođenje and Radio Sarajevo, describes his experience as a journalist in besieged Sarajevo.
My time in Sarajevo taught me much, I used to say if I'd know what I would do and see before I went, I would never have gone, but now that I'm on the other side, I won't give up a day.
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