Regional Study on Public Service Television in the Digital Age

Regional Study on Public Service Television in the Digital Age

SEENPM (The South East European Network for Professionalization of Media)and MEDIACENTAR Sarajevo launch the results of the regional survey on the public service television in the digital age. Researchers from five South East European countries analysed to what degree are public service broadcasters in their countries ready to meet the new challenges related to digitalization, as well as what actions and policies are needed to ensure the existence and development of public service television programming in a digital environment. All reports are now available online.

In order to provide an overview of existing and potential policies and to outline a set of clear, practical recommendations that would ensure the existence and even development of public service programming in new multi-channel and digital environment, each study start with the analyses of:

- the overall readiness of the market to confront new challenges, including both the analysis of the media landscapes;

– shape and trends and (changing) audience/ users behaviors;

- existing regulatory framework and state policies and their supportive role in the process;

- PBS, its position in society and on the market, their (strategic) approach towards new trends and its capacity to enter the digital age.

The research findings / reports are to be published in Miklós SÜKÖSD and Adla ISANOVIĆ (eds.). Public Service Television in the Digital Age: Strategies and Opportunities in Five South - East European Countries. Mediacentar Sarajevo 2008.

Besides five individual country reports covering: Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, publication includes a regional overview:

„Uncertain Future: Public Service Television and the Digital Age in Five Southeast European Countries”, by Adla ISANOVIĆ and Miklós SÜKÖSD

“Can Technical Needs Dictate Cultural and Public Interest? Public Service Programming and the Digital Age in Slovenia”, by Marko MILOSAVLJEVIČ

“Public Service Television in Bulgaria at the End of the Analog Age”, by Orlin SPASSOV

“From Transmission to the Public Good: Media Policy for the Digital Age in Croatia”, by Zrinjka PERUŠKO and Helena POPOVIĆ

“The Late Beginning of Digital Television in Serbia”, by Mirjana MILOŠEVIĆ and Tanja PETROVIĆ

“Will the Digital Revolution Be Televised? Concerns About the Future of Public Service Programming in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, by Adla ISANOVIĆ

Also, studies are now available online in Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian (here).

The project was carried out in the framework of the SEENPM activity plan and with the financial support from the International Media Support (Denmark).