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The start of the second training session within the Vezza project

The training session ‘The Foundations of Investigative Journalism’ will be held from 15th to 17th May in the Mediacentar Sarajevo. This is the second in the series of training sessions for journalists organized within the new stage of the VEZZA project. The VEZZA is the support project for the private electronic media that includes 13 radio and television stations from the whole territory of BiH. For more information on the VEZZA project please click here.

The training program of ‘The Foundations of Investigative Journalism’ will be theoretical and practical and will comprise several thematic parts:
-Investigative journalism-The spiral of investigative process, synopsis of investigative topics-Sources – how to find them, use them and protect them-Preparing investigative synopsis and the list of sources for concrete stories-Legal limits and ethical dilemmas in investigative reporting -Searching the internet and using databases-Hands-on work on specific cases
The participants of the training ‘The Foundations of Investigative Journalism’ will be representatives of 11 radio stations from Bosnia and Herzegovina who have been involved in the project from the outset of the Vezza project:
1.Nes Radio, Banja Luka2.Balkan Radio, Banja Luka3. Radio Pan, Bijeljina4. Radio Magic, Milići5.Radio Slon, Tuzla6. Radio Bihać, Bihać7. Radio Korona, Trebinje8. Studentski eFM radio, Sarajevo9. Radio Stari Grad, Sarajevo10. Radio Zos, Doboj-Jug11. Radio Dobre vibracije, Mostar
The head trainer of the program is Saša Leković.
For the program of the please click here.
The organizer of the training is the NetNovinar Centre for investigative journalism and media education of the Mediacentar Sarajevo.
The financial support for the project is kindly provided by the Swiss Development Cooperation – SDC.