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Increased competence in reporting on justice and security in B-H

Journalists of the second generation of the program “Analytical Reporting – Justice and Security in B-H” will learn in the introductory workshop of the program (3-5 July 2007, Mediacentar Sarajevo) how to report analytically on the B-H judiciary and security issues.

In order to be able to recognize examples of violations of human rights and to report on them with increased competence, journalists must be very familiar with local legislation and well informed of the work of the judiciary and security systems. For this reason, one of the goals of the program “Analytical Reporting – Justice and Security in B-H” is to acquaint journalists with the work of B-H judicial institutions and security services, as well as methods of analytical reporting, so they can devote several months of work to their own stories in these fields.In the first workshop of the program, the second generation of B-H journalists will be acquainted in greater detail with the Law on Freedom of Access to Information which allows access to documents which public institutions usually keep hidden from the public, and with the Defamation Law, whose aim is protection of civil responsibility for damage made to the reputation of an individual or legal person by presentation or circulation of expression of something false. Participants will also learn about the structure of security systems and be better informed about the issues they write about.In addition to the above issues, participants will also learn about writing investigative story synopses and advanced internet search techniques, which will be especially useful in future work.Three and a half months of education, with participation in two workshops in July and September 2007, will allow participants to write stories, with regular consultation with lecturers, in the field of justice and security in B-H.For online education, participants will use special software which enables them to work from a distance, to access work materials and to communicate with trainers.The workshop lecturers are: Mehmed Halilović, Deputy Ombudsman on Media of FB-H, and Rasim Ćerimagić, lecturer at the Media Plan High College of Journalism in Sarajevo. Guest lecturers are: Neven Kazazović, independent expert in security issues; Mirsad Abazović, Professor at the Faculty of Political Science of Sarajevo; Matias Hellman, representative of The Hague Tribunal in B-H; Branko Perić, President of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of B-H; Dženana Karup Druško, editor at Dani magazine; and Nevena Ršumović, Editor-in-Chief of the web portal NetNovinar.org. The NetNovinar Training Center’s new year-and-a-half long program “Analytical Reporting – Justice and Security in B-H” is a program that provides support to journalism in the field of reform of the judiciary and security services in B-H, which will help journalists improve public dialog on security in B-H and learn about judicial reform processes in B-H.The organizer is NetNovinar – Center for Investigative Reporting and Media Education (founders: Mediacentar Sarajevo & Investigative Journalism Center, Zagreb).The program is funded by the Embassy of Great Britain in B-H in the framework of the program Global Conflict Prevention Fund.