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‘FREEDOM OF MEDIA IN Bosnia and Herzegovina - 2009’

Mediacenter Sarajevo and Organization ‘BH Journalists’ present you the program for the 3rd of May – International Press Freedom Day
‘FREEDOM OF MEDIA IN Bosnia and Herzegovina - 2009’
3rd – 5th of May, 2009
Sarajevo and Banja Luka

Promotion of digital edition of ‘Bosnian Friend’ – the first BH periodical publication
3rd of May (Sunday), at 2 pm, Mediacenter Sarajevo

The very first edition of ‘Bosnian Friend’ was published in 1850. Initiated by Ivan Frano Jukic, 'Bosnian Friend’ is a very first printed publication and magazine that contained information about Bosnia and Herzegovina. ‘Bosnian Friend’ and significance of its digitalization will be discussed with Dragan Golubovic, manager of the INFOBIRO and digital archive Mediacenter Sarajevo; Adnan Busuladzic, Director of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Borka Rudic, General Secretary of the Organization BH Journalists and Helmut Kurs, Director of the Fridrich Ebert Foundation.

Public debate about the freedom of media and different forms of endangering journalist’s rights; promotion of the ‘Bosnian Friend’
4th of May (Monday) at 1 pm, Press Center, Banja Luka

The position of media in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be debated with Natasa Tesanovic, Editor in Chief, ATV; Vildana Selimbegovic, Editor in Chief, ‘Oslobodjenje’; Slobodan SIjakovic, sociologist; Helmut Kurth, Director of the Fridrich Ebert Foundation; Tatjana Duronjic, professor at the Journalism studies, Faculty of Philosophy in Banja Luka and Ilko Barbaric, HTV correspondent from BH. Dino Djipa, Director of the ‘Prism Research’ agency will present research results on freedom of media based on the sample of 500 BH citizens.  Our guests on the promotion of ‘Bosnian Friend’ are - Ranko Risojevic, Director of the Public and University Library of RS; Ivan Lovrenovic, publicist; Borka Rudic, General Secretary of the Organization BH Journalists and Dragan Golubovic, manager of the INFOBIRO and digital archive Mediacentar Sarajevo.

Public Debate - 'Freedom of the Media in BH - 2009’
5th of May (Tuesday) at 7.30 pm, Mediacenter Sarajevo

What is the greatest threat to the freedom of media in BH today? What are the main factors endangering freedom of media? How to support and straighten media freedom in BH? Our guest speakers are - Vildana Selimbegovic, Editor in Chief, 'Oslobodjenje'; Kenan Cerimagic, News Editor, NTV Hayat; Damir Kaletovic, journalist of the TV political magazine ’60 minutes’. Moderator of the debate is Boro Kontic, Director of Mediacenter Sarajevo.

You can read more about the occasion of 3rd of May on MC Online (www.media.ba) - texts by Belma Becirbasic, Samir Sestan, Josh La Porte; comments on state of media freedom in BH by Duska Jurisic, Sead Numanovic, Vildana Selimbegovic, Natasa Tesanovic, Mehmed Halilovic, Zija Dizdarevic, Budo Vukobrat, Eldin Karic, Ozren Kebo, Ahmed Buric, Amir Zukic, Dunja Mijatovic, Zoka Catic, Eldin Hadzovic and others. Also, find out more about the history of written word in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the research results on the media freedom, conducted by ‘Prism Research’.

For more information, please visit our web page www.media.ba, or contact us via e-mail address djana@media.ba or by telephone 033.715.840.

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Mediacentar Sarajevo and Organization BH Journalists

Program of celebrating 3rd of May, International Press Freedom Day is supported by the Office of Public Affairs of the USA Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Fridrich Ebert Foundation and OSCE Mission in BH.