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Enhancing quality of information about security and judiciary

In the introductory workshop of the program “Analytical Reporting – Justice and Security in B-H” (3-5 July 2007, Mediacentar Sarajevo), BiH journalists in the second generation of the program chose topics for stories in the area of justice and security that they will write during three-and-a-half-month education.
In order to report with greater competence and better inform the B-H public about the issues of security and judiciary, in the three-day workshop through lectures by experts in these areas and interactive discussion, participants learned about security systems in B-H, judicial reform, and analytical reporting methods.Neven Kazazović, independent expert in security issues, acquainted participants with the structure of security systems in B-H. Elements of judicial reform in B-H were presented to workshop participants by Zlatko Knežević, member of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of B-H.A representative of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in Sarajevo, Matias Hellman, spoke in his lecture about the work of The Hague-based tribunal. Hellman presented the ICTY website, on which journalists can follow trials and get information related to the institution’s operation.During the workshop, participants also learned how to write investigative story synopses and were acquainted with advanced internet search techniques that will allow them to access information and check it more easily.“What was most useful for me is the lecture on advanced internet search techniques, which will help me verify already known information on the internet,” said Dalio Sijah, journalist, Alter Media, Sarajevo.During the workshop, participants suggested stories in the area of justice and security which they will write in the course of the next three months in consultation with lecturers and with their supervision. “Moodle” software will help them in this, enabling them to communicate on a daily basis with mentors and giving them access to work materials.The lead lecturers in the workshop were: Mehmed Halilović, Deputy Ombudsman on Media of FB-H, and Rasim Čerimagić, lecturer at Media Plan High College of Journalism in Sarajevo.Guest lecturers were: Saša Leković, Manager of NetNovinar Training Center; Neven Kazazović, independent expert in security issues; Mirsad Abazović, Professor at Faculty of Criminal Science of Sarajevo; Matias Hellman, representative of ICTY Sarajevo Office; Zlatko Knežević, member of High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of B-H; Dženana Karup Druško, Editor at Dani magazine; and Nevena Ršumović, Editor-in-Chief of web portal NetNovinar.org.The new year-and-a-half program implemented by NetNovinar Training Center “Analytical Reporting – Justice and Security in B-H” is a program of support to journalism in the area of reform of judiciary and security systems in B-H. It will help journalists improve public dialog on security in B-H and learn about judicial reform processes in B-H.The organizer is NetNovinar – Center for Investigative Reporting and Media Education (founders: Mediacentar Sarajevo & Investigative Journalism Center, Zagreb).The program is funded by the Embassy of Great Britain in Sarajevo in the framework of the program Global Conflict Prevention Fund.