Alen Drljević
Mediacentar Sarajevo

Esma is a story about a woman, mother and wife whose husband, Colonel Avdo Palic, negotiator of B&H Army was forcibly abducted by the Army of RS during official negotiations between two warring parties within the UN camp in Zepa. He was never found. From that moment begins search of his wife, Esma for her missing husband.

Supported by: EC CARDS Programme, Open Society Fund BiH - SOROS Foundation, Swedish Helsinki Committee and Canton Sarajevo Ministry of culture and sports, as part of the project "Human Rights Documentaries". Co-production of Mediacentar Sarajevo, Obala Production (Montenegro) and Factum (Croatia).

Film festivals:

Brooklyn Int Film Festival NY (30.05.- 08.06.2008)
Bosnian-Herzegovinian Film Festival (09.-10.May 2008)
San Gio Fil Festival (23.-27. July 2008)  - Main Award of Special Yoth Jury
International 1001 Documentary film Festival – Istambul (13.-19. November 2008)
MedFilm Festival 2008 – Rome (7. - 16. November 2008)