When I walk into the coordinator’s office a short and emaciated girl with no make-up and a man’s short haircut is the first to greet me. She shakes my hand, says she is originally from Moldova and gives her name as Tatiana, which is a pseudonym to protect her from discovery by her “owners” during her life of prostitution.
Jovica Stevanovic is a restless man with a vision for his hometown.
The billboard in downtown Brcko looks as if it is advertising a shopping mall in California.

It seemed like a good idea to a female colleague and me. No one on our all-Balkan seven person reporting team had ever been to a night bar. Yet, we were collaborating on a two-week investigation that included the sex trafficking business in northeastern BiH.

Here is the result of a new investigative project of the Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism (RCIJ): two articles about the exploatation of children trough work. This phenomenon was investigated in Romania and the Republic of Moldavia, and the articles were published in "Jurnalul National" (Bucharest, Romania) and "Flux" (Chisinau, R. Moldavia).